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San Luis Playmaker Macnelly Torres Has Broken Foot

Remember earlier today when I predicted that Colombian playmaker Macnelly Torres would be a breakout star for San Luis in the 2011 Apertura? The odds of that happening are looking increasingly less likely just a few hours after I posted that preview, as it's just been revealed that Torres has a broken foot

There was probably something lost in translation in the above-linked article, but I believe I saw that San Luis are considering the termination of his contract. If someone who is completely fluent in Spanish could give it a look, I'd appreciate it. In any event, San Luis will be starting the season without one of the most talented players on their roster, and that's a huge blow.

San Luis are one of quite a few teams - Atlas and Jaguares are a couple of the others - whose future could change considerably with one big event. One bad injury could send San Luis down towards relegation, while one major signing could put them securely into Liguilla. The loss of Torres would be absolutely massive for San Luis, and it's unrealistic that they'd be able to find a replacement at this point.