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Mexican Primera Draft: World's Most Insane Swap Meet Underway

If you didn't know, FMF has a draft. For everyone who made fun of the MLS free agency draft when it happened last winter, this is the same thing, only considerably more insane. Various players who are actually very good are transfer listed and they move all around the Mexican Primera in no fashion that could possibly be considered coherent. Today, lots of guys will leave on free transfers and lots of guys will get sold. It's insane. Insanely AWESOME.

We'll have multiple updates throughout the day, but let's start with the moves that were already as good as done beforehand, but officially announced today.

America picks up: Christian Benitez, Paul Aguilar

Tecos picks up: Herculez Gomez, Braulio Luna

Jaguares picks up: Luis Gabriel Rey

Morelia picks up: Damian Manso

Pachuca picks up: Mauro Cejas, Enrique Escueda

Santos picks up: Christian Suarez

We'll be back shortly with the new moves that we've learned about this morning. Keep it here for draft updates and analysis throughout the afternoon.