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Ruben Omar Romano Named Manager Of Club Atlas

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Yesterday, it was revealed that former Santos Laguna manger Ruben Omar Romano will take over the manager's post at Club Atlas. Romano has also served as Atlas manager on one other occasion in his career. The Argentine is well known for his teams' entertaining style of play, and he led Santos Laguna to two consecutive Liguilla finals in the Bicentenario 2010 and Apertura 2010.

Romano was fired from his post at Santos not for performance, but for flipping the bird to angry fans after a Santos loss. While this was an unacceptable action that definitely should have been met with a fine and perhaps even a suspension, Santos almost certainly made a poor decision by firing Romano, and their loss is Atlas's gain.

If Romano stays true to his style of play at Santos, Atlas should be switching to a fluid, attack-minded 4-4-2 diamond setup where the concentration is playing the ball through the middle and on the floor. They have some of the personnel to do this, but Romano will be hoping he has license to bring in reinforcements.

As a big fan of Romano and his teams, I have unbuttoned the top three buttons on my shirt in his honor.