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Fun With Club America Transfer Nonsense: Giovani Dos Santos And Landon Donovan

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If you believe the rags and the twitters, one of, if not both of Landon Donovan and Giovani Dos Santos will be arriving at Club America this summer. Forget that Club America doesn't actually have $10 million lying around, which is approximately what it would cost to obtain either player. Forget that their defense is atrocious and in need of upgrades. Forget that there's no way these two players could play in the same team with Vicente Vuoso, Christian Benitez and Angel Reyna. Forget that Daniel Montenegro, despite his form, is actually a good player. Forget that America scores plenty of goals. This is going to happen, guys.

I understand that the media is in the business of generating traffic to their websites while most people on twitter are just having fun, but can we stop this nonsense? I'd be willing to bet my right leg that neither Landon Donovan, nor Giovani Dos Santos will be playing for Club America in 2011-2012. I'd also be willing to bet that neither plays for the club before their current contracts expire. The club doesn't need them and even if they did, they wouldn't want to spend the money.

I know I'm being a huge party pooper here and everyone's just trying to have some fun, but this is so over the top and ridiculous. Now please, go sign a central defender who isn't atrocious.