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Club America Vs. Monarcas Morelia, Atletico Junior Vs. Jaguares Chiapas, 2011 Copa Libertadores And Liguilla: Late Night Lineups, Live Match Thread

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Are we close enough to kickoff that lineups are reliable? No, probably not, but we're going to try anyway. As they kick off at about the same time, we're combining the two late night games into one match thread. Jaguares de Chiapas takes on Atletico Junior in the 2011 Copa Libertadores, while Club America hosts Monarcas Morelia in the Mexican Primera 2011 Clausura's version of Liguilla. First off, here are your lineups for the Copa Libertadores match.

Junior lineup (4-3-3): Viera; Fawcett, Macias, Garcia, Valencia; Hernandez, Viafara, Gomez; Ruiz, Bacca, Paez

Jaguares lineup (4-5-1): Villapando; Fuentes, Valdez, Razo, Martinez; Hernandez, Zamora, Andrade, Manso, Esqueda; Martinez

And here's the lineups for the Liguilla match.

America lineup (4-4-2): Ochoa; Rojas, Mosquera, Valenzuela, Reyes; Reyna, Pardo, Rosinei, Montenegro; Sanchez, Vuoso

Morelia lineup (4-3-3): Vilar; Alderete, Perez, Huiqui, Garcia; Ramirez, Gastelum, Lozano; Sabah, Hernandez, Marquez

Jaguares-Junior kicks off at 9:45 pm ET, while America-Morelia kicks off at 10 pm ET.