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Mexican Football Once Again Gets Pwned By U2: 360 Tour

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First, Club America had to move both a Copa Libertadores match and a Liguilla match to Queretaro. Now, the Mexican national team has had to move a practice and they will be playing on a crappy field on Wednesday. Both problems were caused by the same menace: Irish rock band U2.

Thanks to tour stops at Estadio Azteca in Mexico City and Invesco Field in Denver, CO, Mexican football has been screwed twice by Bono and company. Thanks to a U2: 360 tour concert at Invesco Field this Memorial Day weekend, the pitch that Mexico is set to play New Zealand on is completely screwed. El Tri was supposed to practice on the pitch today, but has instead had to move their practice session to the training facilities of the Colorado Rapids so that the groundskeepers can repair the pitch before Wednesday's match.

Obviously, since this concert in which Bono paid tribute to Irish international Jason MacAteer, whose goal against Holland in 2001 put Ireland into the World Cup, Bono has grown to hate football, which is why he is on his current rampage. Who knows how many Gold Cup matches his band will cause to re-locate, there's no stopping these monsters.