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Edgar Pacheco Set To Leave Atlas; Benfica, UANL Tigres Likely Suitors


I believe this is the first rumor we've come across that I'm not believing for a second. According to a post at Medio Tiempo, Benfica of Portugal is interested in Atlas winger Edgar Pacheco, but is yet to make contact with the club. As a result, UANL Tigres are the front runners to buy Pacheco from Atlas. Something about this doesn't add up.

First of all, Tigres are also said to be perusing Christian Bermudez. It's possible that they are negotiating for both with the intention of only buying one, but I find it more likely that at least one of these rumors is total bunk. If they do buy both players, one of Pacheco, Danilinho, and Bermudez would have to sit out. And that's assuming Lucas Lobos is on his way out, which might not be true.

Additionally, Pacheco has been selected for the Mexico squad at Copa America, where he will likely get playing time. Why would Atlas sell him now? If he puts together a couple of good performances at Copa, his value and visability absolutely skyrockets. Atlas would be downright stupid to sell Pacheco before he plays a game in Copa. If Tigres buy him now, they could see the value of their investment double in a month.