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UANL Tigres Interested In Atlante's Christian 'Hobbit' Bermudez

tigres fans
tigres fans

According to Atlante president Jose Antonio Garcia, seven different teams are interested in his leading scorer, attacking midfielder Christian 'Hobbit' Bermudez. However, only one team is currently in negotiations with Atlante, and that's UANL Tigres. After putting in a series of solid, though unspectacular tournaments, Bermudez scored nine goals in the Clausura 2011 - by far his best output ever - and his transfer value has soared as a result. 

Atlante are a team who, despite their Liguilla run this season, are not deep. Their starting XI is very competitive, but they are a team that could fall down into the depths of the division simply by losing a couple of their star players. However, Bermudez had not previously shown the capability for his production in the Clausura 2011, and as a result, Garcia could be looking to rake in what he believes to be a very inflated transfer fee.

It's tough to see where Bermudez would fit into Tigres' current lineup. If they're serious about perusing Bermudez and they throw down a serious chunk of change for him, it could mean the beginning of the end of Lucas Lobos as the first choice No. 10/second striker at Tigres.