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Monarcas Morelia Vs. Pumas UNAM, 2011 Liguilla Final: Lineups And Live Match Thread

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The Liguilla final is finally here! Monarcas Morelia host Pumas UNAM in the first leg, and they will have to put in a good performance tonight to feel like they have a chance in the second leg in Mexico City. These lineups and this live match thread would have been up earlier, but the lineups posted all over the internet are super inconsistent. A couple minutes from kickoff and there still aren't consistent lineups on the internet. This is a frequent (and irritating) problem in FMF. So, uh, here's a guess?

Monarcas Morelia lineup (4-4-2): Vilar; Aldrete, Huiqui, Arias, Perez; Rojas, Ramirez, Gastelum, Hernandez; Perez, Marquez

Pumas UNAM lineup (3-4-1-2): A. Palacios; Fuentes, M. Palacios, Veron; Velarde, Cabrera, Castro, Cortes; Palencia; Bravo, Lopez

If those are wrong...sorry? Seriously, we're well into the game and various websites still have conflicting lineups. I am very angry about this. If it weren't for the awesome football, everything else about Mexican football would turn me off on Mexican football. But the football is awesome, so enjoy it!