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FMF Disciplinary Commission Hands Down Punishments for Morelia-Cruz Azul Brawl

The fallout continues from the massive brawl which occurred in the closing minutes of the Morelia vs. Cruz Azul Clausura 2011 semifinal match on Sunday. The Mexican Football Federation's Disciplinary Commission (Comisión Disciplinaria de la FMF) has met and decided on punishments for the main parties involved.

Jesus Corona, who did not see a red card in the match, will be suspended six games for his head-butt of Morelia trainer Sergio Martin. Martin will see a six game suspension as well, for striking Waldo Ponce, an attack which served to incite Corona. Christian "Chaco" Gimenez will also face a six game suspension for his actions throughout the melee.

The managers of both teams will serve suspensions -- Morelia's Tomas Boy will serve five games, while Cruz Azul's Enrique Meza will serve three games. Rounding out the commission's sentences are three game punishments for Cruz Azul's Isaac Romo, Morelia's Miguel Sabah, and Cruz Azul trainer Daniel Ipata.

The suspensions of Morelia manger Tomas Boy and the veteran player Miguel Sabah mean both will miss out on this week’s Liguilla finals series against Pumas. The Cruz Azul players and coaches will serve their suspensions at the start of the Apertura 2011 season.