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Jose de Jesus Corona Should Lose His Mexico Place For Gold Cup


Last night, Jose de Jesus Corona kicked, then headbutted Morelia assistant coach Sergio Martin as part of a massive brawl during the Liguilla semifinal between Monarcas Morelia and Cruz Azul. Though Martin instigated the fighting by slapping Waldo Ponce, Corona's actions are far beyond the threshold of what is considered "unacceptable." He first delivered a hard inside leg kick to Martin as if he were an MMA fighter, then later delivered a hard headbutt, a video of which can be seen in the above linked post.

For his actions, Corona should be punished, and not just with a suspension to start the 2011 Apertura next fall. He should be stripped of his place in the Mexico team for the 2011 Gold Cup, much like Holland dropped Nigel de Jong for his dirty play for Manchester City earlier this year. If de Jong can be dropped for dirty play while the game is going on, Corona can certainly be hit with a similar punishment for violent conduct outside of the field of play.

So, my question to the readers: If Corona is stripped of his place in the Gold Cup squad, who should replace him? Vote in the poll and leave your comment below.