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Pumas Vs. Chivas, 2011 Liguilla Semifinals: Lineups And Live Match Thread

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Pumas UNAM and Chivas Guadalajara fought to a 1-1 draw in an odd and poorly officiated first leg in their 2011 Clausura Liguilla semifinal, so here's to hoping that this afternoon's match will be less controversial. Chivas are without Hector Reynoso, who is suspended, and Johnny Magallon, who is injured, so they're playing a very inexperienced defense. Pumas, meanwhile, are looking to go for the win at home, and they're playing a very aggressive 3-5-2/5-3-2 hybrid where all of their players can attack and Israel Castro is the only holding midfielder. Here are your lineups.

Pumas UNAM lineup (5-3-2): Alejandro Palacios; Luis Fernando Fuentes, Efrain Velarde, Dario Verón, Marco Antonio Palacios, Javier Cortes; Israel Castro, Juan Carlos Cacho, Juan Fernando Palencia; Martin Bravo,  Dante Lopez

Chivas Guadalajara lineup (4-4-2): Luis Ernesta Michel; Miguel Angel Ponce, Mario de Luna, Kristian Omar Álvarez, Omar Esparza; Alberto Medina, Patricio Aruajo, Xavier Ivan Baez, Macro Fabian de la Mora; Omar Arellano Riveron, Erick Torres

The match kicks off at 1 pm ET and can be seen on Telemundo.