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Chivas Vs. America 2011, Super Clasico: Halftime Report

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The first clasico between Chivas and America in the Estadio Omnilife started off just as the last one ended with both teams weighing each other up and cancelling each other out.

Chivas were forced to make a change on 6 minutes after Jonny Magallon was forced off due to an injury and replaced by Miguel Ponce. Magallon had been talking during the week about the importance of the game.

America had a couple of half chances on 15 and 17 minutes that had goalkeeper Luis Michel worried but Chivas had a couple of efforts themselves.

On 32 minutes, Chivas scored when Erick "Cubo" Torres netted with a powerful header. America had already been warned when the young 18-year-old, playing in his first clasico, headed over earlier from a similar chance earlier in the half.

Two minutes later and America had the ball in the net only to find the referee had ruled it out. America have enjoyed more possession but Chivas look dangerous from crosses.

Diego Cervantes was replaced by Matias Vuoso for America five minutes before the break, pointing to a more attacking approach from the already attack-minded America coach Carlos Reinoso.

As the first half was drawing to an end, America came agonizingly close to an equalizer. With the game opening up towards the end of the half, a good second half is in store.