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Welcome To FMF State Of Mind

Finally! SBNation has had a Mexican football blog in the conceptual stages for months, but we've finally put all of the pieces together thanks to the folks on the top floor of our imaginary 50 story corporate headquarters, the awesome technical and graphics folks, and some willing writers who are extremely knowledgeable about not just Mexican football, but the game in general. Let's do some introductions.

I'm Kevin McCauley, and I've been involved with SBNation on multiple levels since August. I run the network's Tottenham Hotspur blog, Cartilage Free Captain, I write for SBNation Soccer and main editorial, and I contribute to Acme Packing Company. I also run the Major League Soccer site The Allocation Order and the world football site World Soccer Reader.

Eben Lehman has been the world's favorite source of Mexican football information on twitter for some time, and someone convinced him to turn that into serious writing. Asking random guys off twitter is always hit or miss, so the soccer blogging community was pleasantly surprised when Eben was better than everyone else at it. Eben has contributed to World Soccer Reader and Soccer365 before co-founding FMF State of Mind with me.

Besides the managers, we have two other stellar writers on the site. Tom Marshall was a member of the Guardian Fans Network for the 2010 World Cup and we're thrilled to add him to FMFSoM. Unlike the rest of us, Tom actually resides in Mexico, so he's going to do a great job of finding the stories and angles that we might not get to see covering the game from a distance. The other guy we've brought on is Nicholas Rosano, a ridiculous source of knowledge on all things footy from the entire Western Hemisphere. He'll be able to do a great job of providing us with some knowledge and context on Copa Libertadores and CONCACAF Champions League that we would not have had otherwise.

Every day, this site will have new content from the four of us. We hope to provide a great variety of news coverage, opinion and feature articles, and game analysis. The Mexican Primera's viewership is rapidly growing in the United States, and with the level of television coverage it gets combined with the exciting style of play, it's not hard to see why. If you're a fan of Mexican football already, we're going to be a great one-stop shop for your FMF info. If you're a footy fan who hasn't yet gotten into the league, this site will certainly help you get started. We hope you all stick around and enjoy the party.