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Chicharito Plays Down Hugo Sanchez Comparisons

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As Javier ´Chicharito´ Hernandez's stock continues to rise in Europe, in Mexico it rises even more exponentially.

The last Mexico friendly against Bosnia was perhaps the first time the pressure (combined with jet lag) was evident in the former Guadalajara Chivas forward's play. He dribbled when he should have passed and passed when he should have shot.

Facing the press yesterday, the 22-year-old was humble as ever and, like always, stressed that football is a team game, shielding himself from the expectation that is weighing heavy on his shoulders when he puts on the green Mexican shirt.

"Three or four players aren´t going to make history," Chicharito told the press in San Diego. "All of us have to give that little grain of sand, to play at 100 percent to be able to make history."

The Manchester United man did admit that his success in Europe is an inspiration to fellow Mexicans within the national squad.

With the stadium for Saturday´s match in Oakland likely to be full, Chicharito also let out a rousing statement of exactly how important his country is to him.

Stated Chicharito: "Promoting and portraying a positive image of Mexico is always on my mind so that people see Mexico in a differerent light because we aren´t going through a good moment."

The young striker said he was flattered at the constant comparisons with Hugo Sanchez but that such comparisons aren´t really valid.

"Every player is going to be different, every person is different."