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Chivas Guadalajara Opens Flashy New Museum At Estadio Omnilife

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In a move that might get an additional dozen people into the stadium (kidding), Chivas Guadalajara have finally opened the new museum that the had planned to open almost a year ago, upon the completion of their new home, Estadio Omnilife. The museum features not only their modern era trophies and other memorabilia significant to the club, but also a wide variety of interactive video and game exhibits in a different section than the more traditional, historical section of the museum. Fabio Roytman, one of the museum's designers, had some seriously high praise to dish out.

"Comparativamente con cualquier museo de futbol en cualquier estadio del mundo, es un museo de primer nivel; de los más conocidos que hay, Real Madrid, Manchester United, Boca y River (Plate) en Argentina, los supera ampliamente, no hay ninguno que tenga esta gama de juegos, diversión e información"

For those of you who can't read spanish, Roytman believes that the Chivas museum is among the best in the world, possibly better than the museums that Real Madrid, Manchester United, Boca Juniors, and River Plate have at their stadiums.

Hopefully the museum will be a solid draw for Chivas, who have struggled with attendance since opening their new stadium. A combination of raised ticket prices, poor location, and a poor product on the field have caused a large number of people to stay away.